Is LUKY8 Cannabis Odor Eliminator an air freshener?

LUKY8 Cannabis Odor Eliminator is not an air freshener as it does not cover up the odor but seek & destroy the malodor molecules in the air.


How does LUKY8 Cannabis Odor Eliminator work?

LUKY8 is specially developed by our in-house chemists and is proven to eliminate odors on a molecular level. Our formula wraps around the malodor to break down its molecules to remove the smell.


What are the ingredients in LUKY8 Cannabis Odor Eliminator?

LUKY8 is a water based product which contains odor eliminating compounds, specially designed to eliminate a wide range of odors. The product also contains minute amounts of fragrance.


Is LUKY8 Cannabis Odor Eliminator safe to use?

LUKY8™ is a non-toxic and non-hazardous formula that is safe to use near people and pets.  We advise not to consume the product, to inhale, nor spray directly on people and pets.  Birds are uniquely sensitive to a number of household products and environmental factors. As with many household products, we recommend not using LUKY8 or any other scented product around your bird.


Is LUKY8 Cannabis Odor Eliminator flammable?

 No, the LUKY8 product is not flammable.


Will  LUKY8 Cannabis Odor Eliminator freeze?  If so will it be still usable? 

 Yes, LUKY8 will freeze.  If this occurs, place the product at normal room temperature for several hours or overnight until it thaws completely. The product should recover completely. Gently shaking the thawed bottle will help to ensure the recovered product is fully homogenous.


What does LUKY8 Cannabis Odor Eliminator smell like?

 The scent of LUKY8 is a light & fresh blend of wild berries.


Where is LUKY8 Cannabis Odor Eliminator made?

 LUKY8 is developed and manufactured in New Brunswick, located on the Canadian East Coast.


IS LUKY8 Cannabis Odor Eliminator cruelty-free?

We believe in using and selling only cruelty-free products and we do not use or sell products that have been tested on animals.


How long does LUKY8 Cannabis Odor Eliminator last?

 LUKY8 (50 mL) cannabis odor eliminator can have up to 100 uses, depending on the amount used to get rid of the odor(s).


Can LUKY8 Cannabis Odor Eliminator packaging be recycled?

 The LUKY8 bottle is made from polypropylene (PP), and is among the most commonly recycled plastics. The package can be recycled in many communities. Check to see if your community collects PP packages.


Where can I find the SDS for LUKY8 Cannabis Odor Eliminator?

 This can be found at the bottom of our website or her


Where can I purchase LUKY8 Cannabis Odor Eliminator?

 Please go to our where to buy section to check for the nearest point of sale.

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