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Cannabis Odor Remover – Essential Kit

Advanced solutions specifically designed to remove cannabis odor. Scientifically proven to eliminate airborne odors on contact.

$42.99 $34.00

  • Includes 1 x 8 Oz Candle, 1 x 50 ml spray
  • Neutralizes odor on a molecular level.
  • Fast neutralizing action.
  • Non-toxic and safer around people and pets.
  • Developed & hand poured on the Canadian East Coast.
  • Free of Phatlates, Sulfates and Parabens.

Enriched Formulas

LUKY8 formulas are developed, crafted and thoroughly tested in our own laboratories for optimal control of our product’s quality

Rich & Exclusive Scents

LUKY8 scents are carefully selected from the finest and most exotic ingredients around the world, making our blends truly unique.

Canadian Quality

All LUKY8™ solutions are designed, crafted and thoroughly tested on the Canadian East Coast.



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