A New Era Has Come, RISE.

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NEW Cannabis Odor Eliminator

Rise & shine, we got you covered

Developed on the Canadian East Coast. Our exclusive advanced formula is specifically developed to neutralize cannabis, smoke, or any other airborne odors.

LUKY8™’s fast odor neutralising action interacts with odors on a molecular level & is proven to trap cannabis odors on clothes or in the air.

Its lightly scented, non-toxic formula is safe to use around pets & is environmentally friendly.

Try LUKY8™ cannabis odor eliminator today, it REALLY works!


Incomparable Quality For The Most Exclusive Sensory Experience

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Unapologetically Yourself

LUKY8™ Brand Story

LUKY is born from an idea: to live your moment, with style, passion & confidence.

Through LUKY8 Premium Product Line, we want to empower our customers by creating a positive & uniting experience. We believe that well informed & responsible smoking usage can help us move beyond the prejudices & create a culture of inclusion.

Finally, we strive to offer incomparable quality products & solutions to help our customers to live their lives to the fullest.

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