Cannabis Collection

Cannabis collection of fine odor removers solutions in spray or candle. Our odor removers contain a fast neutralizing formula scientifically proven to stop instantly cannabis, cigarette or any malodor molecules in suspension.

LUKY8’s fast neutralizing action removes effectively any lingering malodor molecules in suspension. Our formula has been scientifically proven to remove safely & effectively odors.

Our sprays are completely safe to use around animals and people, in large or small spaces, as often as you need it. In addition, its formula is biodegradable and non-toxic.

People should be confident about who they are and what they like. That’s why we want to help our customers to truly enjoy themselves, without to worry about the stigma surrounding the consumption of cannabis. For instance, we believe that LUKY8’s carefully selected ingredients for our formulas, crafted in our own laboratories, will give a truly unique & effective solution to our customers.

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