Grooming Collection

LUKY8 Grooming Collection offers fine skin, hair & beard care products for the modern man. All our products are cruelty-free & made in Canada.

LUKY8™ men’s grooming solutions formulas are developed, crafted and thoroughly tested in our own laboratories for optimal control of our product’s quality

LUKY8™ Men’s fragrance scents are carefully selected from the finest and most exotic ingredients around the world, making our blends truly unique.

All LUKY8™ solutions are designed, crafted and thoroughly tested on the Canadian East Coast.

LUKY8™ Grooming Collection is dedicated to offer only the most exquisite, premium skin care products to our guests. That’s why we only use the finest ingredients and components that our experts can find. The modern man you demand quality & we will go above and beyond to give it to you.

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